Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Not Sure I Ever Was 31

It's a good life.  It's the moments you deliberately create and the ones that are designed just for you that are out of your control that sweeten life.  How about the ones that shatter your world and make time stop?  Those can be good too.  {Funny, I wished my parents a happy anniversary yesterday and thanked them for staying together through the good and bad.  Why did I thank them for the good?  Well I really have nothing profound to stay to that except I chuckled for typing it.  ;)  }

Who is wise and understanding among you?  Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom.  James 3:13  

I saw this yesterday:

This made me think about how the tragedies in our lives can be turned into wisdom and that what we do for others can spawn out of those circumstances.  It's a little "circle of life" thought process.  

Back to "the moments you deliberately create."  Today the kids and I hopped in the runner and went to deliver Meals on Wheels.  It's something I used to do with my grandmother when I was a child; I have good memories of those times.  I wanted the kids to experience that type of serving as well.  So off we went to love on the older community.  I forewarned them of all the things that might happen to cause young kids to think they're funny or weird or too old.  "They might smell differently b/c of the products they use.  They might want to hug and kiss you.  They might look at you and not notice you.  They might not feel well and not act excited to see you." And the ultimate, "There is always a chance that we could walk in and find them hurt and or passed away."  Really.  And they were cool with all the above scenarios so I knew it'd be a good day.  

They were both very eager to take meals in.  And the folks/clients/friends/neighbors/whatever is PC nowadays were thrilled to see them.  One lady, Fannie, who is quite old said to me, "Well you don't look old enough to have three kids" to which I replied, "Well, I'm 31" and smiled.  Then she said, "I'm not sure I ever was 31."  That made Kyra laugh.  

They were all so pleased to see the kids.  And sure enough, we had one who couldn't wait to lay her meal aside and pull Kyra and Guy in for hugs and kisses.  And the kids happily accepted her sweet gestures and smiled in the most genuine ways.  

Today, was a deliberate day.