Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday-Our Favorite

We fully enjoy Sundays.  Church and then a peaceful and relaxing day afterward.  Yesterday was such a lovely Sunday too.  The temps were in the 80s and the wind was a very soft breeze.  It was like a little piece of Heaven in our backyard.  Too bad the baby went down before we went out or she would have enjoyed her nap on the family blanket.  

Phill took the big kids to Compton Gardens and they went for their first bike ride in I don't know how long.  So Edith and I decided to just shoot some pics.  And this became my favorite.  In color and black & white.

Well, most of Sunday was peaceful and restful.  And then I got a wild hair to do some rearranging.  B/C that doesn't cost anything (at least not right away).  If you've been to my house then you probably remember one of our walls covered in photos.  We (mostly I) loved it for about four years.  And now it's just old.  Over the last 6 months we've been taking pictures away, using frames for other pics, and gifts, replacing one picture with one of Edie.  Anyway, we came up with a new collage and are going to put it in our kitchen/dining room area.  Here's the possible layout:

And the wall that was covered?

The dresser holds the kids' curriculum and other school items.  I love it!!  I would like to refinish the wood though...maybe a yellow like this.  

Have a great Monday!

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