Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spaghetti Tacos, Grapes and a Tree

Yes, that's what you're seeing.  Spaghetti inside a taco shell.  And I can't tell you how long Guy has been asking me to make these, thanks to iCarly.  Thought it would be a flop, but alas the kids loved them.

Thursday night we went to the local Grape Festival and had a wonderful time.  Didn't realize it was a fair though.  Ha.  Might have prepared a bit more for that.

And in today's news...The kids were going to go with Phill to Joplin to help clean up but it turns out you had to be 13 to go.  They were bummed out.  But, we had a neighbor who lost a tree last week from the storms and thought it might be fun to go help them.  The thing with helping is that sometimes you're pouring yourself into someone with a need like the folks in Joplin, Japan, Haiti on the streets, etc...and sometimes you're doing it for yourself.  Our neighbors didn't need our help.  They had already done the heavy work.  Turns out, when I called to see if the kids could help, they were needing to leave and had a few things left to work on with the tree which made a perfect opportunity for my kids to get out there and give of their time.  We loaded up our water bottles and trekked over to help.  It's a learning experience for them.  Being helpful, generous and giving tend to be learned through experience.  We have to make sure they get those opportunities.

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