Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Not-So-Overwhelming Cloth Diaper Rundown

Preface {because who doesn't love a good preface}: I am NO expert on cloth diapers and I completely realize how very new I am at this.  Just thought I would put down my thoughts now that we've been doing this for a good bit.  I also realize this is dealing with poo that comes from a breastfed only newborn {thus, not as nasty.}

There is an overwhelming amount of information on CDing and I'm barely scratching the surface.

There are four types of diapers:

1. prefolds [think burp cloths]
2. pocket
3. all in one [AIO]
4. fitted

Within those four categories .. there are ENDless different types.  Not even going there.

I have used all four and the top two favorites are prefolds and pockets (Phill's fave).  My least favorites are AIOs.

The prefolds require a cover that is separate.  What I do is use these when Phill isn't home so that I don't waste the pocket diapers.  The glory with prefolds is that you can re-use the cover as long as it doesn't get soiled.  I try to use these when I "know" that she'll just pee.  The covers I use are called Thirsties and are about $12 each and go from 6lbs to 18lbs [that's at least a year for mine].  My prefolds were a gift so I don't really know how much they cost. :p

The pocket diapers have an insert inside the diaper.  There is a pocket at the very back which allows you to insert the inserts (heh) into the diapers after they're laundered.  There are thinner inserts and thicker ones that I use for overnighters.  bumGenius seem to know what  they're doing because these diapers do a great job of keeping Edith from sitting in the pee...kind of like it wicks it away pretty good. So far I haven't had a leak with either pee or poo.  5 stars from me. {We've also used FuzziBunz and I do like it, but I have had a pee leak from this one} These range from $14 to $25 and pretty much last the whole diapering cycle [up to 35lbs]

The all in ones have failed me over and over.  I've had leaks from these nearly every time I use them.  Real bummer too b/c they're quite cute.  ;)  {They are also the most expensive diaper and take the longest to dry}

The fitted diapers aren't too different from the prefolds in that they need a cover.  They simply snap onto the baby very easily and then you just add the cover on top.  Simple.  Bulky.  Used only for overnights b/c of their bulkiness.  The brand I use is called Sandy's.  How cute.


  • You have to use a special detergent so that there isn't a build-up on the cloth, thus losing their absorbency. 
  • Not everyone wants to change a CD baby.  I usually take disposables with me when we're out and about like to church or if we're staying overnight with family.  
  • You do have to wash them ;) if you're squeamish and grossed out, tough luck. 
  • There is a big cost up front to get started unless you have an awesome sister-in-law like mine and get a cloth diaper shower with a nice hookup!  Thanks again all my hostesses and friends!!
  • You have to deal with stains.

  • You save a ton of money! {The reason we're CDing}  Even more if you have more babies and can re-use.  This is a big positive.
  • You're doing the very popular re-using thing. ;) You're being environmentally conscious.
  • You never run out and have to rush to the store (unless you need to do laundry :P)
  • Most people are intrigued with the idea that CDing has come so far they actually want to see how it works and sometimes they offer to use your CDs over the disposables.  
  • The stains come out when you dry them on the line.  For realsies the sun is like bleach.  
  • We've saved this summer not running the dryer by hanging them on the line.  Not sure how this works in the winter...
  • Have you seen them?  They are REAL cute.
  • You can just put a shirt on them or no shirt at all in the summer.  They work as "bottoms" and since they're so cute you might want to do that. 
Those are my thoughts.  I might actually come back and revamp this post as I find more info/change my mind, etc...

And, I'll be sure to add more pictures of Edie modeling. :)


  1. Good to know! The diapers my mom has made are some what a hybrid. Using all in one styling with pocket inserts. The lady has really thought it through. She has decided on using microfiber as the wicking material and since the diaper is a hybrid the first insert is sewn in on one side and can be pulled out for washing and drying. She has also tested them for absorbency. It's good to have a perfectionist as mom! Love that lady. Any how we may come back to you for more information. We are pretty excited and i am certain Hayes won't need clothing because those stinking things are so cute!

  2. Hey girl, I've got 4 years of CDing and counting behind me and the only AIOs that I've found I REALLY like are the bum genius elementals. They do take longer to dry. If you line dry you won't notice this so much. But in the dryer they'll need two cycles or a cycle and over night. They offer the same fit as the standard BG. What is that AIO you have with the giraffes on it?

    Also, if you are liking pockets, the thirsties pockets are nice - offering the same fit as the covers. The diaper has two openings for the insert so you don't have to remove the insert before you wash! I LOVE this because when we're out I can just throw it in a wetbag, then dump the wetbag in the wash instead of sticking my hand in a diaper that's been sitting for a bit and pulling the insert out!

    HAVE FUN!!! And post more pics of that chunky CD bum!

  3. Well, you already know that I'm a fan of CDing!

    I was bummed to hear that you didn't like the AIO's! They are our favorite. Thought, you might try them again once Edie gets bigger. I have found that the AIO really need to fit snug around the thigh. Additionally, you might want to try a different AIO brand. Just some thoughts! Edie sure had a cute little CD bum! :)