Monday, August 29, 2011

There's Always So Much ..

.. on my mind but sometimes I come to the computer and I go blank.  Like if I were to start typing so much would come out that I wouldn't make since nor would I get it all out.

So since it's been a while, I think I'll simply rely on photos.

Good night.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday-Our Favorite

We fully enjoy Sundays.  Church and then a peaceful and relaxing day afterward.  Yesterday was such a lovely Sunday too.  The temps were in the 80s and the wind was a very soft breeze.  It was like a little piece of Heaven in our backyard.  Too bad the baby went down before we went out or she would have enjoyed her nap on the family blanket.  

Phill took the big kids to Compton Gardens and they went for their first bike ride in I don't know how long.  So Edith and I decided to just shoot some pics.  And this became my favorite.  In color and black & white.

Well, most of Sunday was peaceful and restful.  And then I got a wild hair to do some rearranging.  B/C that doesn't cost anything (at least not right away).  If you've been to my house then you probably remember one of our walls covered in photos.  We (mostly I) loved it for about four years.  And now it's just old.  Over the last 6 months we've been taking pictures away, using frames for other pics, and gifts, replacing one picture with one of Edie.  Anyway, we came up with a new collage and are going to put it in our kitchen/dining room area.  Here's the possible layout:

And the wall that was covered?

The dresser holds the kids' curriculum and other school items.  I love it!!  I would like to refinish the wood though...maybe a yellow like this.  

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spaghetti Tacos, Grapes and a Tree

Yes, that's what you're seeing.  Spaghetti inside a taco shell.  And I can't tell you how long Guy has been asking me to make these, thanks to iCarly.  Thought it would be a flop, but alas the kids loved them.

Thursday night we went to the local Grape Festival and had a wonderful time.  Didn't realize it was a fair though.  Ha.  Might have prepared a bit more for that.

And in today's news...The kids were going to go with Phill to Joplin to help clean up but it turns out you had to be 13 to go.  They were bummed out.  But, we had a neighbor who lost a tree last week from the storms and thought it might be fun to go help them.  The thing with helping is that sometimes you're pouring yourself into someone with a need like the folks in Joplin, Japan, Haiti on the streets, etc...and sometimes you're doing it for yourself.  Our neighbors didn't need our help.  They had already done the heavy work.  Turns out, when I called to see if the kids could help, they were needing to leave and had a few things left to work on with the tree which made a perfect opportunity for my kids to get out there and give of their time.  We loaded up our water bottles and trekked over to help.  It's a learning experience for them.  Being helpful, generous and giving tend to be learned through experience.  We have to make sure they get those opportunities.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello, My Name is Mrs. Krout {But You Can Call Me Mommy}

Woke up this morning and the kids were ready to start school.  And since it's not been announced yet, I suppose now is as good a time as any.  The kids are going to be home schooled this fall.  I am going to homeschool them.  They are going to be schooled .. at home.

It's a decision that took two years to make.  And it's one we're solid on, but that doesn't take away the fact that it hasn't yet been done by us and therefore I'm certain it'll be perfect and I'll make no mistakes and they're going to be brilliant.


I am a little nervous .. of the unknown, of my expectations, of others' judgements [even though I should not care what others think.  When I grow up, maybe I won't].  But at the same time there is a lot of excitement too.

And so when they asked if we could start school this morning I said yes!  We didn't just jump in and start a full day.  I suggested we do one subject just to get a feel for how it's going to go.  And it was great.  They both wanted to try math and for an hour I went to each kid's room and helped/guided them.  It was wonderful.   I felt elated and they were confident and thrilled to be students.  

The schoolmarm is ready.  Bring on the year.


Here in our land of Arkansas we enjoyed a tax-free weekend on certain items.  Clothing fell into this category and since it's back to school time we decided to get Edith a new diaper.  Smirk.

Here's the little one.

Thank you, Arkansas, for losing some tax money so that we can have a little style.
Love you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Quilt Time

Today we enjoyed the great outdoors.  We love finding the cooler part of the yard that's shaded by our one tree in the back while burrowing down on a blanket. This is essential in keeping us from the crunchy, hard blades that the 100+ temps have created.

This next picture is the visual picture of adoration.

After the 190 picture photo shoot the rest of our quilt time was enjoyed with a good book.  Looking forward to the coming days when the temperature is on the cusp of fall.

Do you have quilt/blanket time outside?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Not-So-Overwhelming Cloth Diaper Rundown

Preface {because who doesn't love a good preface}: I am NO expert on cloth diapers and I completely realize how very new I am at this.  Just thought I would put down my thoughts now that we've been doing this for a good bit.  I also realize this is dealing with poo that comes from a breastfed only newborn {thus, not as nasty.}

There is an overwhelming amount of information on CDing and I'm barely scratching the surface.

There are four types of diapers:

1. prefolds [think burp cloths]
2. pocket
3. all in one [AIO]
4. fitted

Within those four categories .. there are ENDless different types.  Not even going there.

I have used all four and the top two favorites are prefolds and pockets (Phill's fave).  My least favorites are AIOs.

The prefolds require a cover that is separate.  What I do is use these when Phill isn't home so that I don't waste the pocket diapers.  The glory with prefolds is that you can re-use the cover as long as it doesn't get soiled.  I try to use these when I "know" that she'll just pee.  The covers I use are called Thirsties and are about $12 each and go from 6lbs to 18lbs [that's at least a year for mine].  My prefolds were a gift so I don't really know how much they cost. :p

The pocket diapers have an insert inside the diaper.  There is a pocket at the very back which allows you to insert the inserts (heh) into the diapers after they're laundered.  There are thinner inserts and thicker ones that I use for overnighters.  bumGenius seem to know what  they're doing because these diapers do a great job of keeping Edith from sitting in the pee...kind of like it wicks it away pretty good. So far I haven't had a leak with either pee or poo.  5 stars from me. {We've also used FuzziBunz and I do like it, but I have had a pee leak from this one} These range from $14 to $25 and pretty much last the whole diapering cycle [up to 35lbs]

The all in ones have failed me over and over.  I've had leaks from these nearly every time I use them.  Real bummer too b/c they're quite cute.  ;)  {They are also the most expensive diaper and take the longest to dry}

The fitted diapers aren't too different from the prefolds in that they need a cover.  They simply snap onto the baby very easily and then you just add the cover on top.  Simple.  Bulky.  Used only for overnights b/c of their bulkiness.  The brand I use is called Sandy's.  How cute.


  • You have to use a special detergent so that there isn't a build-up on the cloth, thus losing their absorbency. 
  • Not everyone wants to change a CD baby.  I usually take disposables with me when we're out and about like to church or if we're staying overnight with family.  
  • You do have to wash them ;) if you're squeamish and grossed out, tough luck. 
  • There is a big cost up front to get started unless you have an awesome sister-in-law like mine and get a cloth diaper shower with a nice hookup!  Thanks again all my hostesses and friends!!
  • You have to deal with stains.

  • You save a ton of money! {The reason we're CDing}  Even more if you have more babies and can re-use.  This is a big positive.
  • You're doing the very popular re-using thing. ;) You're being environmentally conscious.
  • You never run out and have to rush to the store (unless you need to do laundry :P)
  • Most people are intrigued with the idea that CDing has come so far they actually want to see how it works and sometimes they offer to use your CDs over the disposables.  
  • The stains come out when you dry them on the line.  For realsies the sun is like bleach.  
  • We've saved this summer not running the dryer by hanging them on the line.  Not sure how this works in the winter...
  • Have you seen them?  They are REAL cute.
  • You can just put a shirt on them or no shirt at all in the summer.  They work as "bottoms" and since they're so cute you might want to do that. 
Those are my thoughts.  I might actually come back and revamp this post as I find more info/change my mind, etc...

And, I'll be sure to add more pictures of Edie modeling. :)