Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nostalgic Autumn

What is it about Autumn that just seems so romantic?

Maybe it's the cooler air and the desire to heat
up the kitchen, which is just what I did this morning. We enjoyed French Breakfast Puffs from The Pioneer Woman Cooks, cookbook. If you've not yet purchased said book .. well I highly suggest you doing so. The food is scrumptious.


Or maybe it's having cooperative kids, catching them in their own free-time play and making sure you catch their moments. {Even if you have to remind them to keep doing whatever cute thing it was that they were doing}

It could even be because soccer is about one of the funnest games to watch and doing so in the crisp cool of the morning is simply .. relaxing. {Assuming you're not a "soccer mom/dad" yelling from the sidelines .. eye roll} *

We had one kid play in one city and the other in the neighboring, so we only went to one today, thus only one picture of Kyra:

*We may struggle with keeping our mouths quiet while the kids play.

What about the freedom to take the kids bowling b/c you didn't make any plans for the weekend?! That's always fun.

Or maybe it's simply b/c there are actual moments that cause your heart to take a leap. Like when you realize that you're in love, or you see your baby for the first time or when you happen upon your kids, reading to each other just b/c they wanted to .. with no prompting.

I guess none of those reasons lead to a romantical Autumn, but they sure seem to make life better. :)


  1. All amazing reasons to be nostalgic. I'm so glad you live in the moment with such gratitude. =) Thank you for the post. As always... <3