Monday, January 11, 2010

Eleven Years and STILL I Love This Man

Phill and I celebrated our eleven year anniversary on the 9th of this month. We went to Big Cedar Lodge [with, but not with some friends, The Maclins]. It was a lot of fun b/c that is where we went for our honeymoon. Here are some pics of our lodge:

This is the living room that looks out across to more cabins. At night, they have the cabins all lit up and it's simply gorgeous.

I know this is dark, but I wanted to share the window view from the bedroom. We pretty much kept these open the whole time, except while sleeping. Who wants to wake up with the dawn? Not us, at least not on vacation.

And this is a picture of a few of the cabins. One of them we stayed in 11 years ago.

Looking forward to the next year!


  1. so happy everyone has switched to blogspot, hooray!
    congrats you two, you are great together!

  2. I've always heard about this place, but have never stayed there. Looks wonderful! So happy that y'all had a memorable & meaningful anniversary celebration!