Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sajo's Cakery and Servant's Heart of NWA Update

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing won for $15.50

42 Cake Balls won for $32.00

In the course of six days, Sajo's Cakery along with your bids, were able to help raise $47.50 to donate to Servant's Heart of NWA!! Please check out their site and see how they're able to help others in need.

If you want to follow SH on Facebook, click here.

Want to help and get something sweet to eat out of it? I have a poll over there on the -----> top right of the screen as to which day I'll be auctioning off another edible delight. Can you say, "Manhattan Cheesecake?" Oh yeah. 'Tis verra good! So go and vote for which day you'd like to have your cake .. and eat it too. Keep in mind, this cheesecake is good for three days.

Go vote!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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