Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have a Little Heart

A Servant's Heart that is. Don't you always feel good when you do something for someone else .. someone who neeeeeds it? It certainly is better to give than to receive.

Today I'm auctioning a yellow cake with chocolate icing off for a non-profit organization: Click the link to learn more about how they're helping our community!

Here's how it works: Email me: and place your bid for the cake. This will be much like eBay in how it works [only not so much in real time, b/c I have to go grocery shopping today and I won't be here for about an hour and a half]. Bidding ends at 4p and the proceeds will go to Servant's Heart of NWA. This is a way for you to do something for someone else and get a sweet deal out of it. Win/Win!

Check the current price at

Good luck, and really, thank you!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!


Welcome to my blog. My "real" name is Sandy. Sajo comes from my first two names: Sandy Jo. Glad you were wondering, happy to answer.

My challenge right now is to profit from making cakes. Currently I am checking with the Health Department to see if it is legal in Arkansas to make and sell food from your home without a separate kitchen. When I know more, then I'll know how long this small-business is going to take to get on its feet.

Until then, I'm going to post pics of cakes I have made or am making.
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